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DeeClare Publishing LLC

I AM A BIZ KID® is a subsidiary of DeeClare Publishing, LLC, where our mission is to incite change in the lives of individuals through literacy. Our overall aim is to inspire, encourage, build up, and motivate through various genres of creative literary expression.

I AM A BIZ KID® is a concept designed to develop a mindset geared toward greatness and establish a foundation of excellence. Character-building lessons and exercises paired with foundational fundamentals cultivate an environment where young people are encouraged to think creatively. Venturing beyond set limitations affords young thinkers the freedom to explore innate gifts and talents and make informed educational and career choices that append the “extra” to the ordinary. The program is not limited to “entrepreneurship,” but presents key elements beneficial for every participant. The goal is that every child identifies with the message behind the hashtag — #gifted4greatness!

Our Aim

Nurturing Stress-Free Minds

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  • Trauma Free